CLUB 420

Stake your joint to earn $THC



Staking for passive income

Daily rewards for staked joints with a tier reward system. The tier system works by how many days you have been staked for, Base rate: 10$THC/day, Tier 1 rate: 15$THC/day, Tier 2 rate: 20$THC/day, Tier 3 rate: 30$THC/day. Each tier lasts 30 days.

Buy the floor

We will use our royalties to buy up the floor and redistribute the NFTs to members of our community. This will be done through discord giveaways and a $THC marketplace on our staking platform.

Real world use of Token

We aim to bring out a merchandise site for all your smoking needs and some nice clothing for our investors. The merchandise shop will only accept crypto ($THC included of course).

Community rewards

Not only will we offer staking to our community but weekly $THC auctions and raffles in our discord for cool NFTs, whitelists and even SOL/USDC. Our DAO will be limited to members who have been the backbone of our community as they will help decide on the future of $THC. Our DAO will be an investment DAO and will distribute our profits evenly between members.




The graveyard started as a way for our community to burn rugged NFTs but now we see it as much more! With our new graveyard our community will be able to fund their own graveyard with $THC for others in the community to use and in return will receive SOL.

Utility for $THC

We have been holding auctions and raffles in discord for $THC but we will be bringing this to the staking platform for all the projects staking in our staking pool to participate. Our discord auctions and raffles will still happen so join our discord!

Mutations for Gen 1

After speaking with some big names in the space, we have decided to bring mutations to our gen 1. This will come further down the line after we bring utility to $THC. Mutations will implement burning of a gen 1 NFT and in return you get a mutated trait added to one of your selected gen 1 NFTs.

Gen 2.0

Gen 2.0 is currently being created and will be released after mutations and when we feel it is the right to do so. We don't want to rush into another collection before the project has gathered enough attention!




Founder and Dev


Founder, social media and Marketing


Gen 1.0 Artist


Frequently asked questions

Where can I pick up a "Stoned Gangster"
You can pick up a 'Stoned Gangster' on Magic Eden and then stake it to earn some $THC.
Is there a whitelist and if so how do I get on the whitelist ?
Whitelist has finished and there will be no more given out to anyone! This whitelist token will be used for every release that Club 420 has in the future.
How many Club 420 NFTs will be created ?
There are currently 375 gen 1.0 joints created and live on Magic Eden. There will be more themes coming out further down the line but until then I would pick up a gen 1.0 now and start stacking up that $THC.
What is the utility for $THC ?
We are currently building an NFT graveyard that you can spend $THC to own your very own graveyard and will be paid tax (in SOL) every time someone uses it. We are also going to bring auctions, raffles and mini games that you can spend your $THC on. Every mint that Club 420 does in the future will be use $THC to mint!